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Palestine is struggling with an “unprecedented” economic crisis

GAZA, Palestine 

Palestine is struggling with an “unprecedented” economic crisis amid the novel coronavirus outbreak and Israeli occupation, the head of Gaza’s National Committee for Breaking the Siege said Sunday.

“The Israeli occupation, siege and measures against COVID-19 have resulted in an economic crisis, and if it continues, it will create an unprecedented disaster,” Jamal al-Khudari said in a statement.

“The crisis is big and it is very dangerous for workers, factories and the trade, agriculture and tourism sectors,” said Khudari.

He noted that the economy is in serious decline, specifically in Gaza under Israeli occupation.

Khudari called on Arab countries and international organizations to support sectors in the country which were already suffering due to the siege.

Since 2006, Israel has imposed a blockade on the Gaza Strip, where nearly two million Palestinians live, and many sectors have been adversely affected including the economy, health and education.

There are 290 COVID-19 cases in Palestine and the death toll is two.

After first appearing in Wuhan, China last December, the virus, officially known as COVID-19, has spread to at least 185 countries and regions, according to data compiled by U.S.-based Johns Hopkins University.

The data shows over 1.84 million cases have been reported worldwide with the death toll over 114,000 and more than 421,000 recoveries.

Source: AA.


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