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Thousands of Palestinian workers are in Israeli detentions

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Human rights resources stated that while the world celebrates Labour Day, most prisoners in Israeli jails are Palestinian workers, who strive for a living.

The head of the Committee for Prisoners and Former Prisoners, Qadri Abu Baker, said on Thursday that most Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are workers.

He added that most Israeli arrests since 1967 targeted hardworking workers, who hardly get their and their children’s basic needs.

Abu Baker explained in a statement on the evening of Labour Day that the occupation stat did not only target workers, who were involved in the resistance, but it also arrested thousands of workers, who were heading to their workplaces.

In the same context, the head of Prisoners’ Studies Center, the former prisoner prof. Ra’fat Hamdouneh, said that marking Labour Day reminds us of hundreds of Palestinian workers, who are arrested in Israeli jails. That also recalls us of the bonded labour system, imposed by the occupation state on Palestinian prisoners. ‘Israel’ forced Palestinian prisoners to work in favour of the occupation state under poor conditions.

International Labour Day is a celebration in the honour of labourers and the working classes, who were killed after calling for limiting working hours to eight hours on a daily basis.


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