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IOF demolished 19 houses and 29 facilities during Corona crisis

A report issued by the Land Research Center of the Arab Studies Association said that the Israeli occupation was demolished, and since the declaration of the state of emergency in the Palestinian territories on the fifth of last March and until the thirtieth of April 19, 19 houses, including 5 inhabited housing and the rest In the process of finishing, and they demolished 39 installations, all of which are in use except two wells in the construction phase.

This means deporting 29 individuals from their homes, including 13 children, and depriving 35 families in Palestine of their livelihood, displacing 114 sheep, from their sheds and barracks, and destroying their food and feed stocks.

The report mentioned the distribution of these practices to the areas. In terms of house demolitions, a house was demolished in occupied Jerusalem, three in Hebron, six in Jericho and four in Ramallah, one in Tubas and four in Jenin, while in terms of demolished structures, two were in Jerusalem, and four in a house Meat, two in Jericho, 16 in Ramallah, four in Salfit, nine in Tubas, and two in Tulkarm.

“While the world is uniting to confront an epidemic – Corona – the Palestinians stand alone against the epidemic of the Israeli occupation !!! At a time when the Palestinians have been forced to stay in their homes to prevent the spread of the dreaded virus since the declaration of the state of emergency in Palestine on 5/3/2020, it rose The frequency of Israeli occupation crimes against Palestinian homes and installations, and here we mean the official Israeli demolitions of homes and facilities that are falsely and falsely wrapped in a cover they claim is legal.

The report concluded that the occupation, which is accustomed to lying and deception, claimed before the public opinion that it does not target inhabited housing or the facilities used, but the facts that were monitored by the Land Research Center researchers refute this claim and expose it to show the occupation in public in its true form, missing all human values.

(Source: Palestine News Network)


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