Occupation courts issued 360 administrative decisions since the beginning of 2020

The Palestine Prisoners Center for Studies has confirmed that the military occupation courts have continued to issue administrative orders, as 360 administrative decisions have been monitored since the beginning of this year, despite its corona and calls for the release of administrative prisoners held without charge.

He said, “Palestinian prisoners” in a statement today, Tuesday, that the occupation has not stopped issuing administrative detention orders against Palestinian prisoners despite the real danger to their lives, in light of the spread of the Corona pandemic and the appeals issued by many international institutions, including the United Nations, to the need to release the administrators, as they Political detainees without indictments.

The media spokesman for the researcher center, Riyad Al-Ashqar, stated that among the administrative decisions issued since the beginning of the year was (242) a decision to renew an administrative detention for other periods that extend between two months to 6 months, and reached (5) times for some prisoners, while (118) decisions An administrative charge of prisoners was issued for the first time, most of whom were released prisoners who were rearrested.

He added that the prisoners against whom new administrative decisions were issued were the ones who were arrested by the occupation during this year from the occupied West Bank, and transferred them to administrative detention. .

And considered the “blond” the continued occupation to issue administrative orders in light of the exceptional circumstances in which the world lives with the spread of the Corona virus is a contempt for all norms and laws and a contempt for international institutions that called for their release for fear of their lives.

This is in lieu of the fact that the occupation uses administrative detention as a collective punishment against the Palestinian people, without observing the caveats laid down by international law that limit its use, except in a narrow and special framework, as it affected all segments of Palestinian society, including representatives, faction leaders, women, children, and patients.

Al-Ashqar considered administrative detention a criminal policy aimed at depleting the age of the Palestinians behind bars without a legal basis, except for the whims of the intelligence apparatus that manages this file, and dictates instructions for moot courts to issue new administrative orders or renew for other periods based on secret files that no one is allowed to see.

And Al-Ashqar indicated that 3 female prisoners are still being held without administrative charges, and they are the captive “Bushra Al-Tawil” (26 years) from Al-Bireh, and the prisoner “Shurooq Muhammad Al-Biden” (26 years) from the town of Tuqu ‘in Bethlehem, and the prisoner “Shatha Hassan” from Ramallah, two minors are also being held in administrative detention.

Al-Ashqar revealed that the occupation is still holding 450 administrative prisoners in prisons, the majority of whom are released prisoners who spent different periods of time in prisons and were arrested again, and most of them were renewed for other periods, including (3) deputies of the Palestinian Legislative Council.

Al-Ashqar demanded a serious and real international position towards this criminal policy against the prisoners, as the occupation exploits the authorization of international law to resort to administrative detention for exceptional and compelling security reasons, and allows itself to arbitrarily detain hundreds of Palestinians for long periods.

He called on international institutions to urgently intervene to release the detained administrative prisoners without charge, in light of concerns about the prisoners ’lives from the arrival of the Corona virus in prisons.

(Source: PNN)

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