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The number of Israeli settlements on occupied Palestine rises sine the beginning of 2020

A human rights report said that the period from (January 1 to April 30) for the year 2020 witnessed a frantic acceleration in Israeli settlement activities targeting the West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem, especially with the announcement of the President American Donald Trump his plan called “Deal of the Century”.

A report referred to by the “Freedom News” Foundation in the West Bank counts the occupation forces and settlers committing more than 700 violations during the four months related to settlement activities.

The report shows the accelerating steps of the Israeli occupation authorities and settlers, from announcing new settlement projects and plans to expand settlements and new construction, which reached (15) decisions that include building (19895) new settlement units, in addition to the escalation of settlers their worship on citizens, which jumped from (31) attacks In the month of January to (73) during April, in an effort to intensify pressure on citizens, especially in agricultural and pastoral areas classified as (C) to deport them from their land.

And the escalation of settlement activities appeared through the monitoring of the work of destroying the property of the Palestinian citizens, which took place in the months of January, February, March and April of this year, and came (20, 26, 39, 61), respectively.

During this period, the settlers renewed efforts to seize Jabal Al-Arma in Nablus, which citizens courageously confronted, emerged.

The leveling of lands and the destruction of the citizens ’property represent a field preparation for the upcoming settlement plans, which the occupation leaders insist will reach large parts of the West Bank and the Jordan Valley.

The settlement activities monitored by the report during the four months indicate a clear increase from that of 2019.

(Source: PNN)


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