Palestinian activists deny Israeli crimes amid Covid-19 – In Palestine Today
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Palestinian activists deny Israeli crimes amid Covid-19

Palestine,12 May, 2020. (In Palestine Today)- Phil Murphy, an American financier, and Democratic Party politician who has been the 56th governor of New Jersey since January 2018, had a call with the President of the occupation state of “Israel” discussing the Covid-19 outbreak. Hence, Palestinian activists exposed Israel’s crimes and told Phil Murphy that “Israel” has denied Palestinians test kits and that Murphy must pressure “Israel” to end its crimes amid Covid19.

The number of Palestinian detainees in Israeli detentions and detention centers increased since January despite the novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and widespread calls to decrease the number of people in custodial detention globally. Therefore, Israeli occupation forces and settlers commit many crimes against Palestinian civilians.

* “Palestine online” is a gathering of pro-Palestine activists from different countries around the world. They are known in monitoring the Israeli violations and hate-speech against the Palestinians, as they try to spread their voice on social media to raise awareness about the importance of supporting the just cause of Palestine.

Here are some of their replies:


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