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The Commission for Return Marches calls on UN to implement it resolutions on Palestine

The National Authority for the March of Return and Facing the Deal, called on the United Nations today, Thursday, for the United Nations to work to implement its decisions related to Palestine and approved by international legitimacy.

This came in a lamellar conference on the 72nd anniversary of the Nakba in the Al-Awda camp, east of Gaza City, in the presence of the faction leaders.

Maher Mezher spoke on behalf of the authority at the conference, stressing the need to end the division, by inviting the interim leadership framework for the PLO that was agreed upon in Cairo in 2011 to address occupation projects, particularly the Deal of the Century.

He stressed the need to disengage from the Oslo agreements, and to coordinate security with the occupation, calling for the unleash of resistance in the West Bank and the transfer of return marches throughout the country to confront the soldiers and settlers.

He called for strengthening the resilience of the Palestinian people in the city of Jerusalem, especially the rest of the Palestinian presence.

He expressed his rejection of all forms of normalization with the occupation and considered it a stab in the side of the Palestinian people.

The commission decided to organize a march tomorrow noon in front of the United Nations portal in Gaza on the occasion of the Nakba to protest the silence of the international community over this crime, and for the Palestinian factions to submit a memorandum to the Secretary-General demanding that the occupation lift the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip.

(Source: PNN)


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