A new statistic by Abdallah Al Hourani Centre for Studies and Documentation has documented Israel’s killing of 12 Palestinians, including a child, in the occupied West Bank and Gaza strip during last August.

The centre said that 12 Palestinians were killed, including a child. Ten of them were killed in Gaza while two others in the occupied West Bank in field executions for approaching checkpoints. Bodies of five martyrs were held, increasing the total of held bodies of martyrs to 51 since 2015.

Israeli authorities also arrested last month nearly 450 Palestinians throughout the occupied West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza. It also practices harsh punitive policies against Prisoners, whose number has reached 5500, including 220 children and 43 ladies.

Meanwhile, 630 Palestinians were wounded by Israeli soldiers, 500 of whom in Gaza during peaceful protests and 130 others in occupied Jerusalem and West Bank while peacefully protesting Israel’s settlement and occupation practices.

Israeli authorities also demolished and stole 25 houses and structures owned by Palestinians in the occupied Jerusalem and West Bank. 8 houses were demolished, including two which were demolished by their owners, while 17 structures were demolished as well.

In the same vein, owners of 57 additional houses were given demolition orders, including a school. Most demolitions and demolition orders took place in Occupied Jerusalem, Bethlehem, occupied Hebron, Tulkarem, the Jordan Valley, and Ramallah.

Meanwhile, Israeli authorities ordered Muhammad Abu Teir, whose building was demolished in Wadi Hummu last month, to pay 2 million Shekels as costs of demolition.

On the other hand, Israeli authorities approved to build thousands of settlement units in the occupied Jerusalem and West Bank. 838 settlement units were approved while other 1466 units had initial approve and four settlement outposts were legalized.

‘Israel’ also confiscated 63 donums of Bourin village in southern Nablus and other 11 donums in Beit Hanina in occupied Jerusalem. Israeli bulldozers also cleared farmland in Makhrour to construct a tunnel, which connects occupied Jerusalem to Gush Etzion illegal settlements.

( Source: Quds News Agency)