IOF detained 750 Palestinians this year. – In Palestine Today

IOF detained 750 Palestinians this year.

Ramallah (QNN)- Human rights resources said Israeli forces arrested over 750 native Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem this year so far.

The Prisoners’ association said in a statement issued on Sunday that Israeli forces have arrested over 750 native Palestinians from the Palestinian capital city since the start of 2020. The arrests included women, children, leaders, and activists.

The statement added that the occupation state hasn’t stopped arrests even with the spread of the coronavirus. over 300 Palestinians have been arrested since last March.

It also noted that the Israeli policy of systematic arrests in occupied Jerusalem aims to foil any activity that may support the resistance of Palestinians in the holy city or protect Al Aqsa mosque.

Several Jerusalemites have been arrested over ten times, while most of them got entry ban orders to Al Aqsa mosque or even to Jerusalem. House arrest was also imposed on hundreds of children in the city.

The association added that the Israelis deliberately rearrest prisoners the moment they get released to prevent them and their families from enjoying freedom.


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