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IOF detain Palestinian student on the way to her graduation ceremony

Nablus (QNN)- Israeli forces arrested a student while she was on the way to her graduation ceremony, depriving her and her family of enjoying a moment that they have been waiting for.

Israeli forces arrested Layan Kayed, from Sabastya, at the Za’tara military checkpoint on June 8th and brought her before military courts three times so far.

Layan’s mother told QNN that the Israeli Prisoners Service (IPS) sent transferred Layan from Ha Sharon to Damon jail.

She added that Layan has been held under very bad conditions. She threatened to go on a hunger strike after being jailed in a surveilled cell.

“What has worsened Layan’s suffering is being jailed with Israeli criminal prisoners, who did not stop harassing her”, the mother said. “The Committee of Prisoners and Former Prisoners Affairs and Addameer requested to transfer her to the females’ section in the Damon jail.”

The mother added that Layan was interrogated by the Israeli police twice while she was in Ofer jail. Her family saw her only once at an Israeli military court.

“Arresting Layan has been very hard on our family”, the mother said. “She is not an ordinary girl; she is well-educated and a poet, who has got several prizes. She had many cultural activities and arresting her evoked condemnation by different sides.”

“We as a family believe in national and political activism”, said the mother was also arrested along with her husband by the Israelis for their political activism.

Layan studied sociology at Birzeit University. She has several published works.

The occupation state has recently intensified its arrests against university students and activists in the West Bank and Jerusalem.


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