Palestinian activists condemn Mike Pence for his support of ‘Israel’ – In Palestine Today
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Palestinian activists condemn Mike Pence for his support of ‘Israel’

Palestine, Tuesday, June 30. 2020.( In Palestine Today)- Mike Pence, the vice president of the USA, expresses his full supports for “Israel”.

It is very clear the alliance between ‘Israel’ and America’s leaders is not just found on faith, but on common political interests.

The close relationship between the U.S. and ‘Israel’ has been one of the most salient features in U.S. foreign policy for nearly three and a half decades.

America’s support for Israel contributes to the annihilation of large groups of Palestinians, as Israel uses the money supplied by America to arm its military armies against Gaza.

Mike’s statement prompted a group of Palestinian activists to condemn him, and they said that he must be ashamed of his support for the Israeli occupation state.

Palestine Defence Forces team is a group of Palestinian youth activists, aiming at defending and raising awareness about the Palestinian cause, enhancing its role in the Western world, exposing the Israeli crimes and massacres committed in cold blood against Palestinians, and responding to the lies and persistent allegations against them.

Source: In Palestine Today.


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