‘Israel’ arrests nine Palestinian civilians including a child after raiding their homes

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The Israeli army on the dawn of Tuesday arrested nine Palestinian citizens after raiding their houses in the occupied West Bank.

The Israeli army arrested Udai Khatib (22 years old) from the village of Beit Kaher in Hebron, Muath Qaisiyyeh (32 years old) from the village of Thahiriyyeh, reported Wafa.

It also arrested Ahmad Ra’fat Badawi (18 years old), Ahmad Adawi (27 years old), and Ahmad Imad Badawi (14 years old).

In Bethlehem, the Israeli army arrested Ahmad Fannoun, Khaldoun Fannoun, and Shadi Badawneh after breaking into their houses. The Israelis also rearrested Mahmoud Mardawi from the village of Arrabah in Jenin.

Source: QNN

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