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Annexation will happen just only when hell freezes over

As any Palestinian, the ‘Israeli’ plan for the annexation of the West Bank has been the dominant topic murmured wherever I go, in the street, in cars, at work, at home, even in the hospital.

Every time Israel announces new things all of a sudden, I just shudder to think how we would continue breathing without defending our rights.

Hence, I always feel I am in dire need of writing at least to have a voice to be heard!

Actually, I have never found a greedy occupation like the so called ‘Israel’! Do not they recognize that they have overstepped the mark?

Do not they recognize that they are making decisions in something they do not have the right to ‘talk’ about it not to ‘annex’ to ‘theirs’?

Have not they noticed how avaricious robbers they actually are?

Have not they read the International Law documents? It seems they have not yet – I recommend them doing so.

Even though I reckon what is happening now is not the first of its kind, Israel has been gradually using almost always the same strategies for a long time.

These strategies have just been distributed in different years but all have similar goals, eventually.

However, this annexation means that Israel has announced a severely acute war not on us, but on them, indeed.

We, Palestinians, have nothing to lose; we are wholeheartedly ready to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of this land rejecting Israel’s brutal decisions.

The unquestionable fact that our ultimate liberty will see the light is coming soon, without a shadow of doubt.

Irrespective to the fact that it will cost us a lot of martyrs numerous losses, we all have a strong faith that this Holy land does deserve resisting and this is the main reason for my exceptional willingness to write such a piece.

Obviously, Palestinians have different shapes of resistance all hindering what Israel is doing or will do.

Some resist by their Jihad; others by education, and mine is via writing having been my most potent weapon through which I can brutally defend my issue.

Not only do Palestinians have to take an action against an unfair practice like this annexation, but also all the world should raise their voices because this annexation is undoubtedly illegal breaking the so called ‘International Law’ that should not have been violated by anyone.

Yet, it seems that Israel is given a credit to do so and no one has seriously stopped them.

What’s a shame, the world!

Eventually, a purely Palestinian message is sent to the whole world: Whether you stand with us or not; this annexation will happen just only when hell freezes over!

Source: Days of Palestine.


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