Dominic Raab to impose sanctions on ‘worst human rights abusers’ – In Palestine Today
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Dominic Raab to impose sanctions on ‘worst human rights abusers’

Palestine, Tuesday, July 7, 2020. ( In Palestine Today)- Dominic Raab, the British politician and lawyer who took over the government of Britain in place of its president, Boris Johnson, stated in a recent tweet that he will introduce a regime that boycott and target countries that violate human rights.

According to the UN Human Rights Council, the world’s worst serial abuser of human rights is … Israel.

Palestinian activists from ” Palestine defense forces, Palestine Sunbird, and Vpalestine”,those who took it upon themselves to expose Israel’s hideous face to the whole world, wanted to seize the chance to shed light on Israeli violations against the Palestinian people so they asked him if Israel will be included, they also told him that it’s time to hold Israel accountable for its occupation and apartheid regime.

The activists want Raab to use his influence to achieve salvation for the Palestinians, as Israel continues to spread its violence and terror.

Source: In Palestine Today.


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