Palestinian woman dies due to her wounds during the Israeli offensive in 2014

A 34-year-old Palestinian woman died in Rafah, southern the besieged Strip, today after succumbing to wounds she sustained during the Israeli offensive in 2014, according to medical sources in Gaza.

The Medical sources in Gaza said that Aseel Mahmoud Hamad Dhuhair, 34, was severely injured and she became a hemiplegic due to the Israel’s airstrikes on Palestinian civilians homes.

Dhuhair suffered throughout the last six years from her severe wounds until her death was announced this morning.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, some 2,147 Palestinians were killed during the 51-day Israeli offensive on Gaza in 2014, including 72 who later succumbed to their wounds.

UN records state that somewhere between 72 to 84 per cent of Palestinians that were killed were civilians, hundreds of them children.

(Source: Days of Palestine)

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