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The life of a Palestinian high school student

The daily life of a Palestinian high school student: Daily raids, arrests of family members, and right before celebrating your result you get arrested.

Jenin (QNN)- Occupation ruins every single joy that the Palestinians have been trying to seize upon. ‘Israel’ arrests grooms on their wedding day and students shortly before celebrating their high school exam results, killing happiness and spreading grieve.

Inside Petah Tikva interrogation center, the occupation state has been holding the high school student Usama Turkman from Ya’bad, Jenin. Instead of celebrating his result with his family, Usama is subjected to daily interrogation and torture sessions.

“Israeli forces arrested Usama only 13 days before the announcement of the exam results”, Usama’s brother told QNN. “All I think about is his psychological condition, especially that he has been deprived of the few days that he has waited so long and worked hard to enjoy.”

Usama’s dream was to study law, said his brother. He had an average of 79.9%. His family was expecting a better average but the very hard condition that the village has been going through didn’t help Usama, as well as other students, to study.

“During the high school exams, the Israeli army arrested my brother Muhammad and our house was targeted with Israeli daily raids, worsening the already bad condition that Usama has been living and forcing him to make greater effort to focus and pass the exams”, the brother said.

Describing the moment when he and his family knew the result of Usama, Turkman stated that it was extremely difficult especially for his parents, whose happiness was tempered with sadness.

“This sadness will never make us forget our love for Palestine”, he added. “Usama and Muhammad are not the only prisoners in Israeli jails.”


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