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‘Israel’ arrested 69 Palestinian women during the first half of 2020

69 Palestinian women and girls were arrested by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) during the first half of 2020, according to a report released by the Palestinian Center for Prisoners’ Studies.

Most of the arrests that targeted Palestinian women during the reporting period happened in Occupied Jerusalem. Some of them were minors like Mayar al-Natsha, 16, Maram al-Natsha, 17, and Aya Muhaisen, 17, and elderlies like Suzan al-Mabyad and Ibtisam Awad.

The report noted that all the Aqsa activists who were arrested and interrogated by the Israeli police were released on condition of not entering the Aqsa Mosque for different periods.

Although most of those women were released after their exposure to arrest and interrogation, there are still 41 women in Israeli jails, mostly in Damon jail.

25 of those female prisoners are serving different prison terms, including eight serving over 10 years.

Another one is being held administratively, with no trail or indictment, while the others are still awaiting trials.

Source: PIC


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