2789 detainees sentenced against various rulings, among these detainees, 57 children. – In Palestine Today

2789 detainees sentenced against various rulings, among these detainees, 57 children.

Abdel Nasser Farwana, a specialist in prisoners and freed persons affairs, said today, Friday, that, based on a report issued by the Israeli Prison Administration, detailing the statistical data of Palestinian prisoners and detainees until June 30, 2020, 2789 prisoners have been sentenced against various rulings , Stressing that among these prisoners, 57 children.

Farwana explained that among the prisoners sentenced, there are 1524 prisoners serving sentences for actual imprisonment for periods exceeding 10 years, and among these 180 prisoners serving sentences ranging from 10-15 years, and 308 prisoners serving prison terms for periods ranging from 15-20 years, and 494 prisoners They are serving prison terms of more than 20 years

He fell short of life imprisonment, while the remaining 542 prisoners serving life sentences (for life) for one time or for several times.

In the same context, Farwana pointed out that, in addition to what was mentioned above, 360 prisoners among the prisoners sentenced to prison terms ranging between 5-10 years, and that the rest of the 905 people were sentenced to sentences less than 5 years.

Farwana stressed that the Israeli occupation courts lacked the standards of a fair trial and were never fair, and they are part of an Israeli judiciary based on injustice and oppression and the legitimacy of destroying the life and future of the Palestinian people, and that all its rulings are arbitrary, cruel and illegal.

Stressing that the occupation courts may not prosecute Palestinian citizens for their rejection of injustice and their resistance to occupation, in an attempt to extract their legitimate rights, and to achieve their national goals and live in freedom and dignity.

(Source: PNN)


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