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Israeli Crimes Against Palestinians in the First Half of 2020.

27 citizens were killed, including 7 children and 2 women, and 1070 others were injured, and about 2330 citizens were arrested during the first half of this year 2020.

The Abdullah Al-Hourani Center for Studies and Documentation of the Department of Labor and Planning in the Liberation Organization, in its documentary report issued today, Sunday, on the most prominent Israeli violations against our Palestinian people during the first half of this year, that the occupation authorities have worked and prepared plans and tenders for building thousands of units Housing in West Bank and occupied Jerusalem settlements.

He pointed out that the occupation forces demolished (357) homes and installations during the first half of this year, of which (136) homes and (221) establishments, and 54% of all such demolitions were concentrated in the Hebron and Occupied Jerusalem governorates, and the following is the most important report. :

The martyrs

(27) martyrs, including (7) children and two women, rose at the hands of the Israeli occupation forces in the Palestinian territories during the first half of this year, whereas (17) martyrs in the West Bank and Jerusalem and (10) martyrs in the Gaza Strip were raised by shooting at Unarmed Palestinian youth, including clear field executions, before the world’s hearing and sight, and last February witnessed the rise of (10) martyrs as the highest percentage during the first half of this year, as the number of martyrs that the occupation authorities held in their refrigerators reached (63) bodies in flagrant violation of international law The human.

The wounded and arrested

During the first half of this year, the Israeli occupation authorities arrested 2330 citizens in both the West Bank and Jerusalem and on the borders of the Gaza Strip, including (304) children and (70) women, according to the Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority. Prisoners in the occupation prisons suffer from difficult living conditions. As a result of repressive practices and collective punishment, denying them the most basic of their legitimate rights under international law. Where the occupation authorities detain about 4,700 prisoners, including (160) children and (41) women, and (365) administrative detainees without charge, and among the detainees are about (700) prisoners suffering from various diseases whose lives are at risk in light of the Corona pandemic. Deliberate medical negligence by the occupation prisons administration.

Whereas, the occupation army injured and injured about (1070) Palestinian citizens in all parts of the Palestinian territories, as a result of the occupation authorities’ repression of citizens protesting the racist occupation policy, confiscating lands, demolishing homes, and closing towns and villages.

Settlement and land grabbing

The occupation authorities, during the first half of this year, worked out plans and tenders for building thousands of housing units in West Bank settlements and occupied Jerusalem, where Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave instructions to prepare plans to build (3500) settlement units in the area called (E1), which is the corridor The only one that connects the south and north of the West Bank with the aim of linking the settlement of Ma’aleh Adumim in the city of Jerusalem and preventing the possibility of a viable Palestinian state in the future, while Netanyahu announced plans to build (5200) new settlement units in Jerusalem, including (2200) units in a settlement “Harhomah”, built on the lands of Jabal Abu Ghneim and (3000) settlement units in the settlement of “Givat Hamtus” located on the lands of the town of Beit Safafa, south of Jerusalem.

The settler gangs, with the protection of the occupation army, have established five new outposts on the lands of Ramallah, Bethlehem, Nablus, and Tubas.

The occupation authorities are working on building new bypass roads for settlers and others in the Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem, such as bypassing Hawara, Al-Aroub and Al-Eizariya, to enhance the separation process and link the isolated settlements to create new settlement blocks and pave the way for annexing large parts of West Bank lands, Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley in the framework of the so-called century deal.

Whereas, the former Israeli occupation minister, Naftali Bennett, decided to seize about (1100) dunums of land in the Bethlehem Governorate located on the outskirts of the Efrat settlement in the Gush Etzion settlement complex, in preparation for building thousands of settlement units.

The occupation authorities also issued a decision to seize areas adjacent to the Ibrahimi Mosque in the city of Hebron, in order to create a special road and elevator for settlers storming the Ibrahimi Mosque with special needs.

In the same context, the occupation authorities issued seizure and expropriation decisions of about (2370) dunums of the Palestinian private lands during the first half of this year, while the occupation mechanisms bulldozed more than (1100) dunums of the agricultural lands of the citizens in the West Bank and Jerusalem, and the occupation mechanisms and herds The settlers uprooted and burned more than (3900) trees. It also passed a number of legislations and laws that promote settlement and land grabbing.

House and facility demolition

The Zionist occupation forces demolished 357 homes and installations during the first half of this year, of which (136) homes and (221) facilities, and 54% of all such demolitions were concentrated in the Hebron and Occupied Jerusalem governorates, while the occupation authorities distributed during the same period ( 435) Notice of demolition and the cessation of construction, restoration, confiscation, and eviction, which included residential homes, agricultural, animal, and service establishments, historical buildings and agricultural lands. These notifications were concentrated in the Hebron and Bethlehem governorates by 39%, and last June witnessed the demolition of (116) homes and facilities as the highest rate of demolition during the first half This year.

In the occupied city of Jerusalem, the occupation forces carried out (74) demolitions within the neighborhoods of the city of Jerusalem, of which (30) were self-demolitions, concentrated in the neighborhoods of Silwan, al-Issawiyah, Jabal al-Mukaber, Beit Hanina, Tire Baher, Shuafat, Wadi al-Joz, Ras al-Amud and al-Tur, while (53) distributed dangers of demolition And stop construction.

Judaization of Jerusalem

The settler stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque during the first half of this year (9491) between settlers, students of Talmudic institutes, policemen, intelligence, and members of the Knesset and employees of the occupation municipality. 350) a decision against Jerusalemites, including (176) decisions to deport the Al-Aqsa Mosque for a period ranging from a week to six months, (39) a decision to move away from the Old City, and the towns and neighborhoods of the city of Jerusalem, (76) a decision to house custody, (43) a decision that Preventing social communication, (10) decisions to distance from the city of Jerusalem, (4) decisions to prevent travel, and two decisions to prevent entry to the West Bank, and those decisions included prominent Jerusalem figures such as Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, head of the Supreme Islamic Authority, and the governor of Jerusalem Adnan Ghaith, who was arrested several times during This year, the Minister of Jerusalem, Fadi Al-Hadmi, and the Secretary General of the Popular Congress in Jerusalem, Major General BilalAl-Natsheh, Najeh Bkairat, Shadi Al-Mutawar, Nasser Qaws and Sheikh Abdel-Azim Salhab. The occupation police extended the decision to close the Palestine TV office in Jerusalem and prevent its crews from working for a period of (6) months.

The Zionist occupation authorities and their settlement arms intensified their attempts to Judaize the town of Silwan, by controlling a number of real estate and plots of land, and in the context of achieving that goal, the “Occupation Court” issued decisions to vacate buildings belonging to the Dweik families, the Nasser al-Rajabi family, and a building for the Shweiki family, and a building Another for the Awda family in the Batn al-Hawa neighborhood for the benefit of the “Ateret Cohenim Settlement Association”, as well as a building for the Samreen family in the Wadi Hilweh neighborhood, and the so-called “Zionist Nature Authority” seeks to control about (100) dunums of Wadi Rababa in the town of Silwan, which has an area The college (350 dunums), on the pretext of establishing public parks, and the occupation authorities issued a decision to confiscate a plot of land area of ​​one and a half acres, in Wadi Rababa neighborhood in Silwan, for use as a “cemetery for Jews.”

The so-called “Israeli Occupation Government’s Planning and Building Committee” in occupied Jerusalem approved the establishment of Judaizing changes, and a structural plan in the neighborhood of Masarra and Bab al-Sahara in occupied Jerusalem. The Israeli plan includes the establishment of Jewish settlement changes in the Wadi al-Joz area in what is known as the “Wadi Valley” plan Silicon “, alleging the rapid payment of a plan to build new areas for work, trade and new hotels in the occupied city of Jerusalem, according to the plan announced by the occupation government in 2000, which would convert the city of Jerusalem from an Arab-Islamic city to a pure Jewish city, and accordingly distributed demolition orders For about (200) Palestinian establishments in the Wadi al-Joz area, and in the same context, the Prime Minister of Benjamin Netanyahu approved a plan with hundreds of millions of shekels in order to Judaize occupied Jerusalem. And Netanyahu said in his tweet on “Twitter”

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