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The 6th anniversary of Rafah massacre

The first morning hours on this day in 2014 witnessed the return of the people of the eastern region of Rafah to their homes, which they left after an incursion of the occupation forces there; In light of talk of calm, which was violated a few minutes before it took effect, but the tanks and airplanes quickly drove them to intensive and indiscriminate shelling of Rafah, after the occupation discovered that one of its soldiers (Hadar Golden) was captured by the Palestinian resistance.

August 1, 2014, or “Black Friday” as the people of Rafah city in the southern Gaza Strip call it, as no ordinary day has passed on the residents of the border city who have been trying to recover the remains of their remains and the wreckage of memories from under the rubble of houses whose walls have seen one of The most horrific Israeli massacres killed about 150 people, and wounded hundreds, within a few hours.

With the movement of citizens living in the eastern region to their homes, with the calm between the Palestinian resistance and the occupying forces in force, at eight in the morning, simultaneous aerial and ground shelling began towards that area.

And that time witnessed the fall of a shell in the eastern region of Rafah every ten seconds, when more than three thousand shells were fired. “In the first moments, dozens of martyrs were elevated.

The humanitarian situation that Rafah witnessed on that day was “very tragic”, while the capacity of Abu Yousef Al Najjar Hospital did not bear this number of victims in one moment, which led him to launch more than one distress call to other nearby hospitals.

Medical staff and paramedics were not spared from targeting, while they were trying to reach the targeted areas, and the hospital director says, “We had difficulty reaching the shelling areas and a number of paramedics were wounded while carrying out their tasks without being able to recover all the victims.” On August 15, 2018, The Israeli Military Prosecutor, Sharon Avic, announced that he decided to close the investigation file in one of the largest and most hideous massacres of the occupation army during the aggression against Gaza in 2014, which is referred to in the Israeli press as “Black Friday”.

The occupation army carried out what it describes as the “Hannibal regime”, to prevent the capture of one of its soldiers, and fired very heavy gunfire from land, air and sea towards an area in the city of Rafah. As a result of the shooting, more than 150 Palestinians were killed, in addition to the soldier Hadar Goldin, whose body is still being held in the Gaza Strip.

Avic decided that the military police would not open an investigation into this massacre and not take any criminal or military action against the officers involved in the massacre. This decision came despite Avic’s admission that he had learned lessons about several military flaws, which he declined to detail, in the context of the military investigation conducted by the occupation army.

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