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IOF force Palestinians to demolish their own homes

Two Palestinian families in occupied Jerusalem were forced by Israeli occupation on Monday to demolish their homes, local activist reported.

Khaled Abu Tayeh, member of the Silwan Land Defence Committee, said Iyad Abu Sbeih demolished his family home in Silwan neighborhood and Issa Illan Oweisat demolished his home in Jabal al Mukabber neighbourhood.

The Israeli municipality issued demolition orders against Abu Sbeih and Oweisat homes under the pretext they were built without a permit.

It gave them a choice of either tearing their homes down by themselves or the municipality will demolish them and force them to pay exorbitant amounts in fines and costs.

Two other Silwan residents, Samir and his brother Suleiman al Qaq, started on Monday emptying their two apartments of their furniture in order to self-demolish them to avoid paying the high cost of demolition if done by the Israeli occupation municipality.

Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem are forced to build without a permit on their land because getting one is an almost impossible mission.

At the same time, the Israeli occupation authorities build thousands of new settlement units in illegal Jewish-only settlements built on expropriated Palestinian land in the occupied holy city.

(Source: Palestine Post24)


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