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Another BDS victory over Israel’s apartheid

Berlin (QNN)- Berlin’s Moabit Criminal Court has dropped the trespassing charges against BDS activists, who protested a visit by an Israeli suspected war criminal three years ago, adding another BDS victory over ‘Israel’.

The judge ruled to drop the trespassing charges against Majed Abusalama, a Palestinian journalist and survival of an Israeli war on Gaza, and Ronnie Barkan, an Israeli Jewish human rights defender. Stavit Sinai, an Israeli Jewish anti-colonial scholar and philosophy teacher, however was charged with assault by the prosecution.

“The trial started with the judge negating the trespassing charges altogether on the basis of formality flaws by the prosecution. He suggested that the prosecution will drop the case in its entirety”, said Ronnie Barkan in a statement issued today. “The state prosecutor needed to consult with her superiors, this ritual repeated itself three times throughout the day, where the judge encouraged her to drop the case and each time she was instructed by her bosses to carry on no matter what.”

After five hours of deliberations that included misogynistic tropes, the judge sided with the state by handing in a guilty verdict albeit keeping it to the bare minimum.

Stavit stated that during the 2017 visit by the Israeli suspected war criminal, Aliza Lavie, to give a speech at Humboldt University, she banged on the door of the lecture room, insisting on re-entering to find out the details of the person who had just punched her in the face. A video that was given to the court proved Stavit’s testimony.

This is the second time of the three activists to be brought to court over taking part in a June 2017 protest at Humboldt University, in the German capital Berlin, against Israeli Knesset Member (MK) for the Yesh Atid party, Aliza Lavie, who was part of the Israeli war on Gaza in 2014, which resulted in 2,200 Palestinians being killed, including 551 children.

Source: QNN


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