‘Israel’ bars entry of building materials into the Gaza Strip – In Palestine Today

‘Israel’ bars entry of building materials into the Gaza Strip

The Palestinian border authorities in the Gaza Strip have said that the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) decided to ban entry of building materials into the coastal enclave as of Tuesday, August 11, and until further notice.

According to the goods coordination committee at the general department of borders and crossings in Gaza, private sector companies were informed of the Israeli decision to prevent shipments of building materials, such as cement, steel bars and aggregate, from entering Gaza.

The IOA claimed the measure was taken in response to the ongoing launch of balloons carrying incendiaries and explosives towards Israeli areas around Gaza.

However, local sources in Gaza described the flying of such balloons by angry youths as acts of protest against Israel’s failure to honor its pledges, under the last truce understandings, to ease the blockade on Gaza.

Source: Palestine Responds.


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