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Report: Israeli Crimes During Last July

The Abdullah Al-Hourani Center for Studies and Documentation of the Department of Labor and Planning of the Palestine Liberation Organization said today, Tuesday, that three martyrs were martyred by the Israeli occupation’s bullets, and 400 others were arrested during last July.

In its monthly report on the most prominent Israeli violations against our people during July, the Center added that the occupation demolished 85 homes and facilities in several Palestinian areas, and the most important of what was stated in the report:


Three martyrs were killed in the West Bank and Gaza Strip at the hands of the occupation forces during the month of July, and they are:

Saad Al-Gharabli (75 years), from the Gaza Strip, died in the occupation prisons, as a result of deliberate medical negligence, after spending 26 years in captivity.

Ibrahim Mustafa Abu Yaqoub (33 years) from the town of Kafeel Haris in Salfit Governorate, died after being shot by Israeli soldiers in the neck.

Asin Dahir (34 years), from Rafah, died of her injury during the aggression launched by the occupation state on the Gaza Strip in 2014.

While the occupation is still holding the bodies of (63) martyrs in refrigerators since the Jerusalem endowment in 2015, in blatant violation of international humanitarian law.

The wounded and detainees

During the month of July, the Israeli occupation authorities arrested about 400 citizens in the Palestinian territories, 40 of whom were children and 10 women.

The occupation authorities arrest about 4,500 prisoners in their prisons, including 160 children and 39 women, in poor humanitarian conditions and treatment in violation of international humanitarian law.

The occupation army injured about 90 Palestinian citizens in all parts of the Palestinian territories, as a result of the suppression of citizens protesting against the racist policy of occupation, seizing their lands, demolishing their homes, and closing Palestinian towns and villages.

Settlement and land grab

The occupation authorities approved a project to establish 240 settlement units on Jaffa Street, in the heart of Jerusalem, near the “Shaarei Tidyak” hospital.

The so-called “Settlements Council in the West Bank” announced the start of work to build 164 new settlement units in the “Neve Daniel” settlement, which is built on the lands of the villages of Al-Khader and Nahalin, south of Bethlehem.

Israeli sources revealed that 1700 settlement units were being marketed in the settlement of “Givat Hamatos”, which is built on the lands of the town of Beit Safafa, in addition to marketing a new settlement project in “Nof Zion” settlement on the lands of Jabal Al Mukaber in occupied Jerusalem.

The occupation forces also installed two mobile homes on the lands of Kisan village, which were previously leveled.

The occupation authorities seized 700 dunums planted with olive trees in the Mount Fureidis area, east of Bethlehem, and surrounded it with barbed wire, with the aim of establishing a garden, in the context of the annexation plan and the theft of Palestinian lands.

The occupation authorities ended the procedures for registering 525 dunums of the lands of the town of Nahalin for the Jewish National Fund, for the purpose of building in the “Gush Etzion” settlement bloc, after the occupation courts rejected the papers submitted by the Palestinians over the years.

The Israeli occupation authorities seized 327 dunums of the lands of Keysan village, east of Bethlehem, for military purposes.

He notified the “Settlements Council” to seize 300 dunums of the Marajat area, northwest of Jericho, in favor of expanding the “Mfuot Jericho” settlement.

The occupation threatened the residents of Al-Jabaa by seizing about 100 dunums of agricultural land, in addition to seizing 3.5 dunums of lands from the village of Shufa and 1.5 dunums of lands from the town of Yasouf, near the “Za’tara” military checkpoint.

The occupation authorities received notices to seize 15 dunums of the lands of Rafat village, west of Salfit.

Demolition of homes and facilities

Last July, the Israeli occupation authorities demolished 85 homes and facilities, including 29 homes and 56 facilities.

Among the demolitions, 6 houses were self-demolished by their owners inside the neighborhoods of occupied Jerusalem, and the village of Walaja, south of the city, to avoid paying heavy fines to the occupation municipality. The demolitions included the governorates of Jerusalem, Hebron, Jericho, Bethlehem, Tulkarm, and Salfit.

During the same period, the occupation authorities notified 156 facilities to demolish, halt construction and restoration, including 12 notifications of seizure and seizure of 630 dunums of citizens’ land, for the establishment of settlement projects, and for military purposes.

The notifications included the towns and villages of: Yasuf, Bidya, and Rafat in Salfit governorate, Amatin in Qalqilya governorate, and the town of Issawiya in Jerusalem governorate, and Izbat Shoufah in Tulkarm governorate, Arab al-Malihat in Jericho governorate, and the village of Jabaa in Bethlehem governorate, and Surif town in Hebron governorate.

Thirty-six demolition notices were distributed in Farasin village, southwest of Jenin Governorate, including most of the village’s facilities and housing.

Settlers’ attacks

Settlers carried out 91 attacks against citizens and their property, which resulted in the injury of 12 civilians, including a child, and destroyed 145 fruit trees. Passed out.

A settler stole 5 heads of cattle south of Jenin while a shepherd was in the area, and settlers ‘vehicles carried out 5 bulldozing operations, affecting tens of dunums of citizens’ lands, in addition to two shootings, and one run over operation in the Old City of Hebron, resulting in the injury of a child. Serious.

The settlers infiltrated at night into one of the neighborhoods of the city of Al-Bireh, opposite the settlement of “Basjot”, and burned the Al-Birr Al-Ihsan mosque, where they stole four tents, water tanks, and five tons of wheat in Khirbet Samra in the northern Jordan Valley, and carried out 50% of these attacks in Nablus and Hebron governorates.

Land leveling

The occupation authorities continued to raze and uproot olive trees in the lands of the town of Huwara, south of Nablus, through the construction of the settlement road called “Hawara bypass,” which will deprive the citizens of hundreds of agricultural acres and thousands of olive trees.

Meanwhile, about 15 dunums of lands were bulldozed from the town of Kisan in Bethlehem in order to expand the settlement of “Ibi Hanhal.”

The occupation authorities razed lands in the towns of Deir Istia, Haris, Wasaka, and Qarawah in Salfit, in addition to tracts of lands in Baqaa, Hebron and Issawiya in Jerusalem.

The occupation and its settlers burned and uprooted more than 470 olive trees in the towns of Sa`ir, Deir Istiya, Yasuf, and Kafr al-Labd.

Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip

The Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip during the past month resulted in the death of the prisoner Saadi Al-Gharabli (75 years), as a result of deliberate medical negligence against the prisoners in the occupation prisons, after being arrested for 26 continuous years.

Citizen Asin Duhair (34 years) was also killed by her wounds sustained during the 2014 aggression.

The Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip also included the implementation of 40 ground fire operations, 4 incursions into the east of the Strip, 4 air strikes, 2 artillery bombings, and 31 attacks on fishermen, resulting in the arrest of 7 of them and the seizure of two boats.

In addition, the Israeli occupation forces arrested 9 civilians, three of them at the Beit Hanoun “Erez” military checkpoint.

(Source: PNN)


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