Israeli warplanes injure 3 children and 2 women in Gaza Strip – In Palestine Today

Israeli warplanes injure 3 children and 2 women in Gaza Strip

Israel again attacked Palestinian targets in the Gaza Strip on Friday night in response to what it said were continued launches of “explosive balloons” from the Palestinian territory.
Gaza health officials said that 5 injures reached Gaza hospitals as a result of the Israeli attack on the besiged Gaza Strip.

The Ministry of Health spokesperson affirmed that a 3-year-old girl from Al-Burij camp in the middle of the Gaza Strip was slightly injured reached the hospital.
Local sources said that another 11-year-old child was slightly injured by the Israeli attack on Gaza. They added that another 5-year-old girl also was injured including two women moved to the hospitals due to the Israeli attack tonight.

It has been the fourth day in a row of Israeli warplanes attacks on Gaza.
Dozens of helium balloons laden with incendiary material have been deployed in recent days in a bid to pressure Israel to ease its blockade of the Gaza Strip and allow new economic projects. Israel also said it will stop shipments of fuel into Gaza in response.
The Palestinian activists have been flying flaming kites and balloons over the occupied lands by Israel as part of ongoing anti-occupation protests along Gaza border.
The Gaza Strip, which has been reeling under a crippling Israeli blockade — by air, land and sea — since 2007, has seven border crossings linking it to the outside world.

Source: Days of Palestine


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