Palestinian-American groups and organisations reject ‘Israel’-UAE deal – In Palestine Today

Palestinian-American groups and organisations reject ‘Israel’-UAE deal

Palestinian-American groups and organisations on Friday rejected and condemned the Israel-United Arab Emirates (UAE) normalisation deal brokered by the US, Quds Press reported.

These groups and organisations signed a statement that described the deal as a: “Traitorous stab in the back of the Palestinian cause by a regime that claims it did this for the sake of the Palestinians.”

According to the statement, the signatories stressed that the UAE: “Must stand against the colonial policies in the Arab countries, as well as supporting the Palestinian legitimate rights.”

The signatories condemned the attempt by the UAE to justify its normalisation deal, which is alleged to be in the interests of the Palestinians, and supposedly stopped Israel’s planned annexation of the occupied West Bank.

The signatories called for the Palestinian community in the US and the supporters of the Palestinian cause to boycott the activities of the UAE in the US, as well as all political and social government figures.

Source: Middle East Monitor


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