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Israeli forces break into hospital to arrest wounded Palestinian

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli forces broke into Al Makassed Hospital to arrest a wounded Palestinian young man, who was shot by Israeli soldiers in Jabal Al Mukabbir in occupied Jerusalem this morning.

Eyewitnesses stated that Israeli forces chased a young man during the demolition of an 8-apartment building in Jabal Al Mukabbir, belonging to the Ja’abis family, this morning. The Israelis opened fire at the young man, wounding him.

Local sources said Israeli policemen broke into Al Makassed hospital in the neighborhood of At Tour in East Jerusalem and surrounded the area to search for the wounded young man.

On the other side, a statement by the Israeli police claimed that a young man in his twenties fired fireworks at Israeli policemen, who were demolishing the building. Israeli cops opened fire at the young man before he escaped. No Israelis were reportedly wounded, according to the statement.

The statement added that the Israeli police broke into Al Makassed hospital to arrest the wounded young man, who was getting treatment.

Ahmad Ja’abis told QNN that Israeli forces demolished the residential building, which he and his brothers had built two years ago, under the pretext of having no permission. Ja’abis stressed that his family tried to get a construction permit but the Israelis never allow native Palestinians to build.

The demolished building contained eight apartments that were supposed to be homes of eight families.

When asked about the wounded young man, Ja’abis said he does not know exactly what happened as he was busy dealing with the sudden demolition of his building.

Source: QNN


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