“Israel” attacks Gaza for the second week – In Palestine Today

“Israel” attacks Gaza for the second week

He said two shells were fired at a location east of the town of Khuzaa, east of Khan Younis in the south of the Gaza Strip, destroying the site and causing fire but no human casualties.

Three shells were also fired at a location east of Rafah city, also in the south of the Strip, destroying it in total.

Meanwhile, Israeli navy opened fire at Palestinian fishing boats while they were at the pier in the north of the Gaza Strip, damaging some, said WAFA correspondent.

Israel has tightened last week its 13-year-old blockade on Gaza by totally closing the fishing area therefore denying thousands of Gazans a chance to make a daily living, closing the only commercial land crossing between Israel and Gaza thus preventing entry of badly needed supplies including fuel, which led the power generators supplying parts of Gaza with electricity to stop operating and affecting work at Gaza hospitals.

It claimed the bombardment of Gaza and the collective punishment were in retaliation for the flying of incendiary balloons from Gaza into southern Israeli fields that caused fire.

(Source: Gaza Post)


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