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Rights groups condemn Israel’s imprisonment of Sheikh Raed Salah

The International Federation of Jurists denounced Israel’s detention of Palestinian activist Raed Salah and called on the international community and non-governmental organisations to defend the Palestinian people’s rights.
The Istanbul-based rights organisation added in a statement that Israel commits “terrorist acts” by “killing of innocent [Palestinian] civilians using heavy arms, warplanes, and missiles,” Anadolu Agency reported.
“Israel treats the Palestinian people as prisoners and deprives them from their right to live freely in their homeland,” which compelled many Israelis to seek asylum in other countries because of what they are subjected to under occupation, the federation said in its statement.
While many Palestinians are forced to live in refugee camps, others are facing Israeli imprisonment in their homeland, it added.

Last Sunday, Sheikh Raed Salah, the leader of the northern branch of the Islamic movement in Israel, started serving his prison sentence of 28 months.
In July an Israeli court in Haifa rejected Salah’s appeal against his prison sentence, which he was handed down in November 2019 over charges that included “inciting terror” and “supporting an outlawed organisation”.

Source: Middle East Monitor


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