‘Israel’ arrested 11,000 native Palestinians in Jerusalem since 2015. – In Palestine Today

‘Israel’ arrested 11,000 native Palestinians in Jerusalem since 2015.

Ramallah (QNN)- According to a study of Palestine Center for Prisoners Studies, the occupation state has increased its arrests against native Palestinians in the capital city of Jerusalem during the last five years, aiming at pressuring them to leave the city and replace them with Israeli settlers.

Researcher Riyad Al Ashqar said that ‘Israel’ arrested a total of over 11,000 Palestinians in Jerusalem only in the period between 2015 and the end of July 2020, including 3500 children and 475 women.

Al Ashqar added that the arrest policy has become a daily routine for native Jerusalemites and a tool of pressure to terrorize them and impose fait accompli in order to create a harsh economic and security condition, which would push them to leave their homes and lands to escape the occupation.

He also said that in addition to its daily arrests policy, ‘Israel’ uses expulsion orders and house arrests against native Palestinians. In the period between 2015 and the first half of 2020, Israeli authorities issued over 2500 expulsion orders and over 1500 house arrests.

Al Ashqar added that the occupation state continues to target children, who constitute one-third of the Israeli arrests in Jerusalem. The Israelis also impose heavy fines on Palestinian children as young as five years old after arresting them.

The occupation state also targeted Palestinian officials in Jerusalem; the Governor of the city Adnan Gheith has been arrested over 20 times since he was appointed in his position two years ago. The Minister of Jerusalem’s Affairs, Fadi Hadmi, was arrested several times as well. Even young Palestinians, who were appointed by the PLO to sanitize the streets of the Palestinian capital city during the Covid-19 Pendamic were arrested as well.

Several members of the Palestinian parliament have been arrested as well, including Muhammad Abu Teir, Ahmad Attoun, Ibrahim abu Salem, Muhammad Totah. Many of them were arrested more than once while others have been expelled from the city.

Source: QNN


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