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UAE agreement with “Israel” aims to serve only “Israel”

The UAE-Israel announcement of 13 August 2020 did not surprise me at all. It comes as the latest development in the growing Israeli relationship with Gulf states including Qatar and Saudi Arabia for the last three decades.

This accord is the beginning of a new wave of normalisation between the Arab states and Israel. At least 15 Arab states retain relations with Israel in some way or the other. UAE is the third Arab country after Egypt and Jordan to establish full diplomatic relations with Israel.

The real culprit in all this is a section of the Palestinian leadership led by Fateh and PLO which opened the door with its ill-fated Oslo Accords of 1992-93 which only helped Israel by allowing it to consolidate its control over the occupied territories, turning the Palestinians into defenders of the Israeli occupation through the security arrangements between Israel and the Palestinian Authority and opening the floodgates of Israeli recognition by many countries across the world on the presumption that the Palestinian issue was solved. All this normalisation took place while everything continued on the ground as before, from strengthening the Israeli control over the occupied territories to continued seizure of Palestinian lands to build illegal settlements on them and continuous changing of the situation on the ground especially in occupied Jerusalem.

UAE has tried to sell this agreement as if it will stop the de jure Israeli annexation of Palestinian lands in the West Bank while Israel retains the de facto control over the same. Even this claim is not true. The Israeli decision to defer the annexation of West Bank lands is because of the tremendous Palestinian and international reaction and due to the American condition that this can be done only by a truly representative Israeli government.

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