Activists state: “UAE, “Israel” deal not good, but shameful” – In Palestine Today
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Activists state: “UAE, “Israel” deal not good, but shameful”

Thursday, 27th August, 2020 (In Palestine Today)- Activists, who support the Palestinian issue in SunBird Team, condemn the Senator Todd Young for his introducing a bipartisan resolution, in which he is praising the agreement between “Israel” and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The activists affirmed that normalization with the enemy is not merely a political endeavor, it is rather a repudiation of all national and humanitarian obligations towards the fairest issue in modern history: the Palestinian cause. Normalization with the enemy means opening the door wide to tamper with the security and capabilities of our countries and peoples to serve its settlement colonial project, “the Greater Israel,” especially since it has the ability to do so with its own capabilities or open American support.

They also say that Palestine is not just a geographical spot. It is an integral part of the nation’s will towards freedom, dignity and independence. Palestine, with its Islamic and Christian sanctities, is part of the nation’s belief, and accordingly, whatever they try and whatever they invest, those who normalize relations with the enemy will never be able to divert the region’s compass from its central enemy: the Zionist “occupation state,” and sooner or later, this enemy will disappear.


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