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UN must pressure “Israel” to lift its blockade on Gaza

The Follow-up Committee of the national and Islamic forces in the Gaza Strip called today, Friday, the United Nations and the international community to pressure the occupation government to end its unjust siege imposed on the Strip, and the entry of all goods into the Strip, particularly the fuel for the sole power plant.

In a statement, the committee called on the Palestinian government to shoulder its responsibilities and to send all medical supplies needed by the Gaza Strip, to expedite the development of an urgent relief plan for the Strip and to stop any measures that had been previously taken towards the Strip.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) also called for quickly activating its emergency plan to distribute food aid and provide services to refugees in the camps most in need of this aid now.

It called on merchants, farmers, distributors and service providers to adhere to the real prices of goods and services and never raise them and not separate basic services from citizens under any pretext or justification.

The committee called on citizens to adhere absolutely to the instructions of the competent authorities and not to be reckless or complacent to protect themselves, their families and their society, and saluted the health, police, security and supervisory staff working in the field.

(Source: PNN)


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