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Pro-Palestine Activists Held A Zoom Meeting With Kashmiri Journalist

Friday, 4th September, 2020 (In Palestine Today)- Pro- Palestine activists held a nearly two-hour meeting on Thursday, 3rd,9, 2020 at 8:00 Pm, over Zoom, an online conferencing service, with a Kashmiri journalist, Ruwa shah, discussing the “Similarities Between Kashmir And Palestine Under Indian And Israeli Occupation Amid Covid- 19.”

Palestine And Kashmir Share The Same Struggle

At the meeting, held by VPalestine, Palestine SunBird, Palestine Online, and Palestine Defense Forces Teams, Kashmiri journalist, Ruwa Shah, drew similarities between the issues of Kashmir and Palestine, and how Kashmir dispute and Palestinian issue are so similar that both the nations have been promised the right to self-determination, which have not been fulfilled. She added that India and “Israel” were increasingly cooperating, in order to coordinate their tactics of occupation. She pointed out that Palestine and Kashmir share the same conflict since what “Israel” does in Palestine will happen in Kashmir and what India does in Kashmir will happen in Palestine. Both countries are facing the illegal crimes: murdering, detention, and all types of crimes.

The Conflict In Kashmir 

Moving to what is happening in Kashmir, Shah told about the Kashmir conflict, its geographical location and its history. She also spoke about how the Indian occupiers are hostile to the indigenous faith of the people, especially Islam.

World Silence On The Issue of Kashmir

Shah said that no one cares about what is happening in Kashmir. The Turkish president,Recep Erdogan spoke once at a conference about the Kashmiri issue, but he never talks about it after that due to its it sensitive conflict exactly like the Palestinian issue.

Finally, the activists presented a 4-minute video titled: “The Kashmiri Conflict”



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