IOF murdered 3 Palestinians and wounded 85 others last month – In Palestine Today

IOF murdered 3 Palestinians and wounded 85 others last month

Ramallah (QNN)- A new report stated that the occupation state has killed three Palestinians and wounded 85 others last August.

A report, issued by Hamas, said the occupation state doubled its violations against Islamic and Christian holy places and allowed extremist settlers to carry out more raids into al Aqsa mosque.

It added that the occupation state has carried out 1743 violations that included 380 arrests, three murders, and wounding 85 native Palestinians.

The Israeli army as well as Israeli settlers carried out 24 attacks on places of worship and shrines while 1599 extremists raided the Al Aqsa mosque.

The report added that the Israeli authorities continued to use the policy of forced removal, forcing 14 Palestinians, including guards of Al Aqsa mosque, out of the holy mosque and the city. Meanwhile, Israeli military checkpoints also increased in August to 479.

Shootings by Israeli soldiers and settlers targeting Palestinians have also increased to 107, while the report registered 313 raids into Jerusalem and 13 settlement activities.

Last August also has seen an increase in demolitions with a total of 44 houses, which is the highest number this year. the occupation state also demolished 52 agricultural and commercial structures and confiscated 8 properties.

The report noted that Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and Hebron were the most affected by the Israeli violations in Palestine last August.


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