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It is foolish to believe that ‘Israel’ seeks peace

Wednesday, September 9, 2020.( In Palestine Today)- You may have heard recently of Serbia’s desire to establish diplomatic relations with Israel, and to open its embassy in Jerusalem.

Ted Cruz, a US senator, tweeted on his account via Twitter supporting relations between the two countries. “I support such relations with the state of Israel and I also support Serbia’s desire to move the embassy to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. This step deepens ties & I look forward to more such moves,” he said.

Palestinian activists from ‘Sunbird Palestine team’ responded to his tweet, saying that this is a sinister alliance and does not achieve the interest of the Palestinians or any peace in the Middle East, but rather it is a common interest based on occupation, colonization and the plundering of other lands. The US and Israel are the biggest beneficiaries of these relationships.


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