Dozens of Israeli settlers defile Al-Aqsa mosque – In Palestine Today

Dozens of Israeli settlers defile Al-Aqsa mosque

Dozens of Jewish settlers on Tuesday desecrated the Aqsa Mosque in Occupied Jerusalem under police guard, amid intents by temple groups to march en masse to the Islamic holy site on Thursday.

According to the Islamic Awqaf Department, 69 settlers escorted by police forces entered the Mosque in groups and toured its courtyards in the morning.

Islamic Awqaf pointed out that the settlers received lectures about the alleged temple mount during the tours and some of them tried to perform Jewish prayers in the eastern area of the Mosque.

Meanwhile, the union of temple groups incited its members and Jewish settlers to participate in the mass break-in at the Aqsa Mosque to be staged next Thursday on the occasion of the Hebrew new year.

According to an announcement released by the union, a shofar horn will be blown inside the Aqsa Mosque compound or at its gates as part of Jewish rituals to be performed by the participants.

Source: PIC


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