Israeli settlers destroy Palestinian groves, property in West Bank – In Palestine Today

Israeli settlers destroy Palestinian groves, property in West Bank

A horde of extremist Jewish settlers escorted by soldiers wreaked havoc on Palestinian-owned swaths of land and agricultural property in Biddya town to the west of Salfit province on Thursday.

According to local sources, settlers stormed the areas of Khilat Aliyan and Khilat Hassan under military protection and went on the rampage through Palestinian property— destroying olive and fig trees and grape vines, removing stone fences and demolishing agricultural warehouses.

For long years, the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has annexed thousands of dunums of Palestinian land in the West Bank in order to expand settlements, and every once in a while it keeps announcing plans to build roads, projects and housing units for Jewish settlers.

At the same time, the IOA carries out widespread demolitions on a daily basis against Palestinian homes and structures throughout the occupied territories under different pretexts.

Recently, the IOA has also given settlers free rein to set up outposts, take over Palestinian lands or areas, destroy property and commit crimes against Palestinian citizens.

Source: PIC


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