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Settlers uproot 200 olive trees

Clashes broke out saturday evening in the village of Kafr Kadum, east of Qalqilya, between citizens and Israeli soldiers, who attacked the weekly march, which usually starts on Friday and Saturday, towards the entrance, which has been closed since 2003 and isolated the village from its outer perimeter.

“The villagers are determined to continue the weekly march on Friday and Saturday, until the demands of the march, which has entered its tenth year, have been met, and Kafr Kaddoum and its supporters paid a huge bill in terms of the number of detainees, in addition to an elderly martyr and mobility disabilities for children after being sniped by snipers with internationally banned bullets, and paid fines of hundreds of thousands of shekels,” said Mourad Shteiwi, coordinator of the weekly march.

In the same vein, israeli bulldozers uprooted more than 200 olive trees in Khalat Hasat, which was targeted by the occupation and settlers, located between the land of Sineria, south of Qalqilya, and the land of the town of Badia, west of Salfit.

The owners of the land pointed out that the occupation, the Council of Settlements and settlement companies that carried out fraudulent transactions were trying to retaliate after the owners of the land had succeeded in recovering more than 100 dunums, subjected to counterfeiting transactions by using the fingers of the dead to obtain their fingerprint.

Khalat Hassan is one of the areas that is constantly targeted by settlers.

(Source: PNN)


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