No to Veganwashing Israeli Crimes! – In Palestine Today
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No to Veganwashing Israeli Crimes!

Sunday, 20th September, 2020 (In Palestine Today)- Pro-Palestine activists respond to the use of veganism to propagandize the occupation.

For over a decade, ‘ Israel’ has sought to “wash” the crimes of occupation, apartheid and ethnic cleansing by carefully crafting the image of ‘Israel’ as a progressive, forward-thinking oasis of modernism in the Middle East.

Over the past several years, veganism has increasingly been weaponized for the same ends. Animal advocates across the West have been influenced by various claims of a vegan/ animal rights “revolution” in ‘Israel’ and even participated in aspects of veganwashing. By contrast, the emerging animal rights movement in Palestine – like all social movement struggles – has suffered greatly under Israel’s occupation and violent expansionist agenda.

Hence, Pro-Palestine groups, represented in VPalestine, Palestine SunBird, Palestine Online, and Palestine Defense Forces, defend the Palestinian issue by saying:



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