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Facebook targets the Palestinian content: more pages blocked

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Facebook continues to block Palestinian pages within its campaign against the Palestinian content on the internet, favoring to support the Israeli narrative.

The social media giant has blocked several Palestinian pages and accounts, including Ultra Palestine, Ishraqt, and Ahmad Yassin’s page. Other pages have been restricted, including Al Qastal.

Ultra Palestine’s editor, Mujahed Bani Mifleh, said the page has been blocked based on old videos that were published within daily coverages. Some of the videos have been even published by Israeli media outlets.

Bani Mifleh told QNN that Facebook has been systematically targeting the Palestinian narrative, adopting a policy that blends with Israeli narrative.

He added that they are working hard to recover the page and they will continue their professional coverage.

In the same vein, Iyad Rifa’i, the head of Sada Social watchdog, condemned Facebook’s repression of freedoms, especially the freedom of journalism when it has to do with covering Palestinian issues.

Rifa’i told QNN that the behaviour and role of Facebook are suspicious, stressing that his centre is doing its best to prevent censorship on the Palestinian content.

Source: QNN


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