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Human rights center appeals International community to save Gaza from COVID- 19

The Human Rights Center sent a message to international institutions and bodies, asking them to put pressure on the Israeli occupation authorities, to compel them to enter the necessary medicines and medical devices to save the lives of thousands of patients in the Gaza Strip, especially the requirements to confront the Corona pandemic.

This came in a statement by the “Protection Center for Human Rights” in Gaza City, in response to what was reported by the Palestinian Ministry of Health, according to which it announced a real crisis in the health sector in Gaza due to the Israeli blockade.

According to the Ministry of Health in the sector, the deficit in drug stocks reached 47 percent, while the deficit in medical disposables reached 33 percent, and the deficit in medical supplies for the most serious diseases (cancer, blood diseases) was 63 percent, and the pharmacological reality The necessary prevention supplies for Covid “19” patients are only sufficient for one month, and the deficit in laboratory examination materials has reached 65 percent.

In its message, the center stated that the occupation authorities continue to disavow their responsibilities and duties as an occupying power towards the inhabitants of the occupied territories, and that they are still persistently imposing restrictions on the entry of medicines, supplies and medical devices necessary to save the lives of thousands of patients.

He said that the noticeable increase in the number of people infected with Covid virus, “19”, foreshadows a humanitarian catastrophe threatening the lives of about two million citizens, the limits and effects of which are difficult to anticipate if no immediate and urgent intervention is undertaken by institutions and the international community to provide the sector with the necessary needs of the necessary medical devices and supplies, especially with regard to confrontation The Covid 19 pandemic.

He also called for pressure on the occupation authorities to end their siege of the Gaza Strip and to allow the entry of all goods, materials and needs for the besieged sector for more than 14 years.

The center called for the occupation authorities to hold their responsibilities towards the inhabitants of the occupied territories, especially the Gaza Strip, and to pressure them to enter medical tools and supplies, especially those related to confronting the “Covid 19” epidemic.

He calls upon the World Health Organization to follow the health situation in Palestine in general and in the Gaza Strip in particular, especially in light of the spread of this epidemic and the limited capabilities.

The Israeli occupation imposes a tight blockade on the Gaza Strip for 14 years, closing all border crossings and border crossings that connect Gaza to the outside world via Egypt or the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948, with the exception of opening them partially for the entry of some goods and travelers.

The blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip affected the health situation of the Strip, which led to a decline in the health system in light of the shortage of medicine, and the electricity and fuel crisis that the Strip suffers from.

(Source: PNN)


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