257 detainees from Gaza strip being held in Israeli detentions

Abdel Nasser Farwana, a specialist in prisoners’ affairs and freedmen, said today, Tuesday, that the occupation authorities continue to detain 257 prisoners from the Gaza Strip, which constitutes approximately 5% of the total number of prisoners.

And Farwana, that the oldest of these prisoners is Diaa Al-Falouji, who has been detained for 28 years and who is considered the dean of the Gaza captives.

He pointed out that the 81-year-old prisoner Fuad al-Shobaki, who has been in detention since 2006, is considered the oldest and the oldest of the prisoners, and is called the “Sheikh of the Prisoners.” (48) times, plus (20) years old.

He pointed out that there are two prisoners from the Gaza Strip, Nisreen Abu Kamil (46 years), from Gaza City, who has been detained since October 18, 2015 and sentenced to 6 years, and the captive Samar Abu Daher (37 years) from Khan Yunis, who has been detained since December 6, 2018, and who has been imprisoned for two and a half years. , And they are both sick and complaining of medical neglect.

The occupation authorities arrested Abu Kamil and Daher while crossing the Beit Hanoun / Erez crossing, in two separate incidents.

Farwana pointed out that there are 5 prisoners from the Gaza Strip who have been detained for more than twenty years, and one of them has been detained for more than a quarter of a century, and that (27) prisoners of them are serving life sentences (for life) for one or several times, and that (17) Others are serving prison terms ranging from 25 years to less than life.

He stressed that the Gaza Strip prisoners suffer, like other Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons, from poor detention conditions, harsh treatment, deteriorating health conditions and willful medical neglect.

Farwana renewed his demand for the Red Cross Organization to press the occupation authorities to allow prisoners and their families to communicate orderly through the available means as a temporary alternative to visits suspended due to Corona.

(Source: PNN)

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