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Zoom cancels San Francisco State ethnicities department event with Leila Khaled

Sada Social Center condemns on Wednesday the announcement by Zoom platform management that it will prevent the University of San Francisco from using its video conference platform to host a seminar in which Palestinian politician Leila Khaled will participate.

Sada Social confirmed that the announced decision by Zoom platform management represents an accession to the policies of restricting Palestinian content and subjection to the Israeli standards for fighting the Palestinian content and restricting Palestinian freedoms.

Zoom administration’s claim that the spokeswoman is affiliated with an organization that is considered a U.S. designated foreign terrorist organization, is an endorsement of the administration’s complete compliance to the unfair American standards against Palestinians, and an attempt to generalize these criteria to the subscribers and users of the platform despite their intention by submitting to American standards.

The aforementioned symposium was announced to be organized by the University’s “Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Studies Program” at the University of San Francisco under the title “Whose Narratives? Gender, Justice, & Resistance” and was subjected to protests from Zionist groups

We consider that this approach by the Zoom platform raises concerns about further restrictions on Palestinian activities through the platform, especially since this decision was issued by Zoom administration after pressure from Zionist organizations and groups in the United States, which indicates the ability of Zoom to accept this kind of pressure against Palestinian posts and narratives.

The Center also stressed the need to stop all forms of prosecution of Palestinian content, and to stop supporting occupation policies by companies and administrations of social media sites.

The center called for joint action among all concerned institutions to achieve a free digital space and highlighting the importance of the current pressure on Zoom platform to prevent it from moving forward with unfair and biased policies and decisions of this kind.

Source: Days of Palestine


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