” Give us peace and freedom, give us rights.” – In Palestine Today

” Give us peace and freedom, give us rights.”

Janna’s Story

Janna is growing up in a small village in the West Bank. Her village has been active in the resistance against the Israeli occupation, which caused the assassination of three of her cousins. Having witnessed such brutality, she was motivated to become an activist against violence. Her uncle was a photographer and she used to join him when taking pictures of protests, which also motivated her activism. She now publishes pictures of the situation in her village on her Facebook page which has almost 300,000 followers. Her work has brought her the nickname of “Youngest Palestinian journalist” because she began documenting when she was merely 8 years old. Her work has been recognized by multiple international news outlets, president Erdogan of Turkey, the Summit of Leaders, Nobel Peace Winners for Children and the government of South Africa. For her work she was selected to present the flame of peace to the Pope in 2019.

(Source: Kids Rights)

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