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Thousands Call on Facebook to Stop Censoring Palestine

Saturday, 26 September, 2020. (In Palestine Today)- Thousands of people from all over the world called on Facebook to stop unfairly censoring Palestinian voices and those in support of Palestinian rights. #FacebookCensorsPalestine reaches over 6 million people on same day that Zoom, Facebook and YouTube jointly repressed academic panel featuring Palestinians.

Pro- Palestine activists such as: VPalestine Team, Palestine SunBird Team, Palestine Online Team, and Palestine Defense Forces Team, demanding Facebook, Stop Censoring Palestine saw the hashtags #DropEmiPalmor and #FacebookCensorsPalestine trending on Twitter, with a combined reach of over 12 million. The video Censoring Palestinians on Facebook, detailing Facebook’s systemic silencing of Palestinian voices and their supporters was viewed by thousands.

Palestinian rights groups and journalists confirmed a number of years ago that the Israeli occupation government and a network of Israeli government-funded NGOs were systematically working to get Facebook to hide Israel’s human rights violations by censoring Palestinians and supporters of Palestinian rights on their platform. During Emi Palmor’s tenure, Facebook complied with 95% of the Israeli occupation government’s requests to censor Palestinians.


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