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Since the start of 2020, ‘Israel’ demolished over 500 Palestinian structures

Since start of 2020, Israeli occupation has demolished more than 500 structures in occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) revealed on Monday.

In a statement, the UN OCHA office said 506 buildings were razed by Israeli forces in the West Bank on the pretext of lacking a building permit.

According to the statement of the UN OCHA office, a total of 134 structures were demolished in east Jerusalem.

UN OCHA said Israeli forces brought down 22 buildings over the past two weeks, causing the displacement of 50 Palestinians and causing harms to around 200 others.

According to the UN office, eight demolitions out of 12 in East Jerusalem were carried out by the owners themselves in order to avoid fines and fees imposed by Israeli authorities.

The other 10 demolished structures were located in Area C, which accounts for around 60% of the West Bank territory.

Palestinian West Bank and east Jerusalem was occupied by the Zionist state in 1967. The Zionist statejustifies the demolition of Palestinian homes claiming they lack building permits.

Israeli occupation very rarely issues building permits to Palestinians, meanwhile, it issues thousands of permits to illegal settlers who live in settlements built in occupied territories in stark violation of the international law.

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