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It’s Time to End America’s Military Aid to “Israel”

Friday, 2nd Oct. 2020 (In Palestine Today)- Pro- Palestine activists, represented in VPalestine Team, reply on AIPAC’s tweet about “one year after the USA army purchased this life-saving defense system, the first Iron Dome battery was delivered to the United States.”

Americans care about keeping Israelis safe. That means continuing to give “Israel” the roughly $500 million per year the US currently provides for missile occupation and guaranteeing Israel’s military edge over its regional foes. But there are ways to condition aid that don’t weaken Israeli occupation security.

“Israel” started to export arms that have been refined through high-technology colonial policing of the Palestinian population, especially in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. In recent years, “Israel” has risen to one of the top 10 arms exporters in the world.

Not only does U.S. foreign policy and Israeli-settler colonialism shape what happens across historic Palestine, it also shapes what happens across the Middle East region.

So, the activists call for boycotting “Israel” to end its occupation and apartheid regime.


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