COVID-19 devastates Palestine’s shattered economy – In Palestine Today
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COVID-19 devastates Palestine’s shattered economy

Sunday. 4th Oct.(In Palestine Today)- Pro- Palestine activists, in Palestine SunBird Team, highlight the suffering of Palestinians amid coronavirus crises under occupation. They maintain that the occupation’s crimes affect the Palestine’s economy and Gaza suffering the most after The Yeshiva World News published an article titled: “Thousands of Families in Israel Suffer Devastating Economic Blow due to Second Covid Lockdown”

COVID-19 has compounded the dire economic conditions in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (oPt), which were moving from bad to worse before the pandemic.

Furthermore, high poverty and unemployment rates had persisted and GDP per capita declined for the third consecutive year as the Palestinian economy continued to slide in 2019 and the first half of 2020. Workers in occupied Palestine in the West Bank are also among the groups most harshly hit by the pandemic. Workers in occupied Palestine are a major source of income for the Palestinian economy, providing subsistence for tens of thousands of families, and stimulating local consumption.


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