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Italian capital hosts ‘Falastin’ festival for Palestine

A festival named ‘Falastin’ was held in the Italian capital on Saturday.

The initiative was organized by the Palestinian Association of Rome and Lazio region and it was dedicated to creating an intercultural understanding and promoting the Palestinian culture.

The festival featured Palestinian traditional music and food and showcased films on the Palestinian cause.

Geopolitical analysts and Italian lawmakers were also present at the event, where they took part in debates on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as well as the recent signing of normalization deals.

Experts also pointed to countries such as Sudan or Oman reportedly being ready to accept an American deal for normalizing ties with Israel.

Palestinian expats at the festival say only the Israeli withdrawal from occupied territories can bring peace to West Asia against the backdrop of recent normalization agreements.

The festival has also been attended by Jewish performer Moni Ovadia, a leading figure of the Italian cultural scene.

Source: Days of Palestine


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